Clash of Empires

Woodland IndianButler's Ranger

This collection of figures from W. Britain's features 60mm, hand-painted figures inspired by the events that took place on the frontiers of Colonial North America from the 1750s to the 1790s. While the colonials were expanding, the native nations fought back. Wars in the Old World spilled over onto American shores, and the French clashed with the British through direct contact and each side's proxy forces. The frontier kept marching westward, with brief halts as new treaties were negotiated and, ultimately, broken. The native nations turned first to the British government to try to keep the colonists under control, and then to the enemies of British when those efforts proved fruitless. The appearance of European soldiers, settlers and native peoples are rendered with historical accuracy in every detail. This range features some of W. Britain's most dynamic action sets, with dramatic, multiple figure vignettes. Browse our selection of W. Britain's Clash of Empires 1/30th scale painted metal miniatures below.

W. Britain's Clash of Empires