42nd Royal Highland Regiment Battalion Coy Standing Ramming, No.2, 1758-63

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W. Britain

The Clash of Empires range covers many battles in the American Revolution era.
The 42nd Regiment of Foot arrived in North America in 1756. In 1758 they were part of the 15,400 man force that participated in the failed attack on French held Fort Ticonderoga. Suffering a loss of over half of its men a second battalion was raised, with approximately 800 of the men being diverted from Canada to participate in the actions at Martinique and Guadeloupe. Now recognized as a Royal regiment the uniform coats sported blue rather than the old buff colored facings. The regiment was at the second battle of Ticonderoga in 1759 and the surrender of Montreal in 1760. Soldiers fit enough from the two battalions of the 42nd were formed into one unit and sent to New York in October 1762 where they remained until sent to Ireland in 1767.