11" Maple Tree, Summer

Price: $90.00


W. Britain

Most maple trees grow to a height of 33 to 148 feet. Most species are deciduous, losing their leaves in the fall and are renowned for their autumnal leaf color. Many are shade-tolerant and are often understory rather than climax overstory (i.e., shorter than the main canopy) trees filling in the intermediate area between the forest floor and the tall tree canopy. The maple’s distinctive seeds are produced in early summer and are called samaras, or colloquially “maple keys” and in the modern era “whirlybirds” or “helicopters.” During World War II, the U.S. Army developed a special airdrop supply carrier that could carry up to 65 pounds (29 kg) of supplies and had paired “wings” on each side so that it would spin as it dropped from a plane, like a maple seedpod.

Realistic and durable, this piece is designed to fit a common book shelf. Multiple trees placed at differing angles will give your display the illusion of a dense forest.
Tree: 11" Tall, 8" Spread • Base: 2 ½" Long, 3" Wide