Old Growth Oak Tree, Late Autumn-Winter

Price: $110.00


W. Britain

One reason the oak tree represents a symbol of strength is that many species are marcescent, not dropping dead leaves until spring. Marcescent leaves may be retained indefinitely and do not break off until acted upon by outside forces (wind or rain for instance) which cause the dry leaf stems to snap. There are several advantages to trees evolving in this way. One is that marcescent leaves deter feeding by large herbivores, such as deer and moose, which would normally eat the twigs and their nutritious buds. Dead, dry leaves make the twigs less nutritious and less palatable. Marcescent leaves also allow the tree to trap snow during the winter months. By using their dead leaves to collect additional snow, trees are able to provide themselves more water in spring when the snow begins to melt.

Tree Dimensions: 12" Tall, 11" Spread • Base: 3" Long, 3 ¾" Wide

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