10" Maple Tree, Summer

Price: $79.00


W. Britain

Tree: 10" Tall, 7" Spread • Base: 2" Long, 2 ¾" Wide

There are approximately 132 species of maple trees throughout Asia, Europe, northern Africa, and North America. Maples usually have easily recognizable palmate leaves (palm-shaped lobes stemming from the leaf base) and distinctive winged seeds called samaras. Most are shade-tolerant when young. Maples are often riparian (preferring moist soils) as found in deep woods and along stream banks but tolerate a wide variety of soils. Some larger maples known as “hard-wood maples” have valuable timber often used for their decorative graining. Maple is considered a tonewood, or a wood that carries sound waves well, and is used in numerous musical instruments including violins, guitars, and many drums.

Realistic and durable, this piece is designed to fit a common book shelf. Multiple trees placed at differing angles will give your display the illusion of a dense forest.