Art of War, French Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment Private Standing Firing, 1781

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W. Britain

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The Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment was part of the Expédition Particuliére lead by General Jean-Baptiste Domation de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau for service in North America to aid the Continental Army during the American Revolution. This regiment of Germans in French service arrived in the area of Yorktown, Virginia in October of 1780 just as the siege of the British army began. The regiment greatly distinguished itself at the siege when they made up part of the 400 man assault force led by Guillaume de Deux-Ponts in the attack on the British Redoubt No.9 as a similar force of American light infantry under General Alexander Hamilton simultaneously attacked Redoubt No.10 on 15 October. The successful taking of these positions enabled the allies to advance their siege lines. Cornwallis, realizing that escape was impossible and further resistance pointless, requested terms two days later and, on 19 October, more than 8,000 British and Hessian soldiers surrendered to the allied forces.