Infantryman Running, 1794, No.2 - Legion of the United States (Wayne’s Legion)

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W. Britain

By the time the Legion of the United States was formed most of the surplus clothing and equipment remaining from the American War of Independence had been used up and needed replacement. Military fashion in Europe was also changing and from 1792 on uniforms with long tails, working lapels, and falling collars were replaced with shorter coats, non-functioning lapels, and standing collars. The regular United States Army had adopted the same colors for uniforms as the late war Continental army: regimental coats of dark blue wool with red collars, lapels, and cuffs. The lining that showed at the turn-back of the tails was generally white for infantry and red for artillery. The riflemen wore a newly-designed short jacket with a 3-inch red edge binding the bottom, so that when the coat was buttoned across it appeared to have a red belt.