W. Britain

A toy soldier company now based in Chillicothe, Ohio that has roots reaching back to the beginning of the hobby. W. Britain has been manufacturing since 1893. Originally based in England, the company is now best known for their superb work in the field of American Civil War miniatures. No one else in the market has the breadth or depth of W. Britain when it comes to the blue versus the grey. William Britain, W. Britain or simply Britain's, no matter what they are called W. Britain is synonymous with toy soldiers.

French and Indian War
Viking Age More than just ACW figures are available from Britains, much more in fact! W. Britain also produces a top of the line World War I range, complete with everything you might imagine, from the muddy trenches to a set of Germans on KP duty along with the implements of the trade. Figures of Tommies and Huns alike abound in fighting positions and lots of non-combat poses as well. Lots of time was spent in the Great War just being miserable in the trenches, after all.

W. Britain also produces The Zulu War in depth, making possible massive battle scenes like the Battle of Rorke's Drift or the Battle of Isandalwana. Smaller vignettes can be created with the same figures, and W. Britain also makes small scale vignettes that are ready to display right out of the box.

Other figure ranges available from W. Britain include: World War II, Napoleonic Wars, American Revolutionary War, The French & Indian War, The War Along the Nile, The Viking Age, and many more. In addition to the modern, matte finish toy soldier lines, W. Britain also produces ranges of traditional, glossy finish figures. These charming toys recall the earliest lead soldiers, and make for wonderful displays.

The matte finish figures are produced in a 1/30th scale format while the traditional glossy figures are the original 1/32nd scale.

Britains Toy Soldiers