First Legion

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First Legion toy soldiers and military miniatures arrived on the market in 2008, but have quickly become known for their superb quality, rich detail, and historically accurate figures. Treefrog Treasures is one of the few toy soldier dealers you will find that carries the complete selection of ranges from First Legion. Their flagship range is Napoleon's Europe, and no other manufacturer goes into detail and historical placement of their figures like First Legion. From Black Brunswickers to the towering French Grenadiers, you won't find a better selection of different units from throughout the Napoleonic Wars than the toy soldiers on offer from First Legion.

Not content to offer the industry's most diverse selection of Napoleonics, the team at First Legion also produces the renowned Glory of Rome range with toy soldiers of both Rome's Legions and her enemies from throughout Roman history. Nor did they stop there, First Legion now has toy soldier ranges covering the Age of Samurai, World War II, The Great War, The Seven Years War, The Crusades, The American Civil War, The American Revolutionary War, The Ancient Greeks, The Renaissance, The Anglo-Zulu War, The Wild West, and the Vietnam War, plus others!

The World War II range is currently split across three theatres of war: Continental Europe, the city of Stalingrad on the banks of the Volga, and North Africa. The figures on the continent are centered on the invasion of Normandy, when the Allies struck back against Hitler's Fortress Europe. 

Before you begin browsing our selection of First Legion figures, a word on their World War II vehicles: If you have not yet seen the various WWII AFVs created by First Legion, please do not forget to take a look. You'll find some of the most stupendous detail and intricate design in moving parts on toy soldier vehicles in the industry.   

First Legion Toy Soldiers & Military Miniatures