RAF Fighter Pilot, UK 1940

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This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in its original packaging with the Booklet! It is in very good condition.

There may be some paint rubs under the 'ties' that hold it in place or separation at seams as is typical of Del Prado figures.

Del Prado Soldiers of the World SOL007 RAF Fighter Pilot, UK 1940

Following the collapse of France and the Dunkirk retreat, Hitler hoped that Britain, now isolated, would accept Germanys domination of Europe and try to negotiate peace. But under Churchills leadership Britain dismissed Hitlers overtures, and in August 1940 the German Luftwaffe began to attack ports, airfields, industrial complexes and London itself in a ruthless attempt to crush British morale, destroy the RAF and neutralize the Royal Navy. Only then could he implement Operation Sea Lion, his planned invasion of England.