JG Miniatures

Established in 1995, JG Miniatures is owned and operated by John Gittins of Sheffield England. JG Miniatures makes highly detailed, fully painted and assembled accessory pieces for toy soldier displays. 1/30 and 1/32 scale military and civilian diorama supplies such as backgrounds, terrain mats, and realistic accessories, enable collectors to uniquely display figures.

Items like trees, farm implements, and fieldstone walls are all timeless and can fit seamlessly into any era a collector is building a display for. JG Miniatures creates seasonal items as well, so whether you are building a summer, fall, or winter scene they have just what you need to bring that vital spark of realism and life to it. Each tree and bush is hand-made, making them as unique as you would see in nature.

Flora and FoliageThe bases created by JG Miniatures come in two types: a hard resin field, sometimes with three dimensional features, and a soft rubber mat, which can be cut or shaped to fit the display you're building. Each kind has unique features and benefits in use, so it is up to the individual collector to decide which would best suit each toy soldier display. Like the trees and bushes, these items can be found in seasonal varieties, with winter or summer colors.

Many of the buildings created by JG Miniatures are of types that have stood through ages of war and could be suitable for European, Middle Eastern, or even American battlefields. Combined with the flora, terrain, backgrounds, and bases the company produces, your toy soldier displays will truly bring history to life!

For urban scenes, JG Miniatures produces a set of different building façades and streets to match. Like the above accessories, these are available in a normal look, as well as winterized. Scenes that take place in the wilderness or on a war torn battlefield might also need a background and JG Miniatures has the toy soldier collector covered there as well. The background posters made by John are all original creations, and so cannot be found from any other manufacturer.

Take a look at our JG Miniatures diorama accessories for toy soldiers below and create a display for the ages today! 

Now Retired as of 2024 - look for the line to continue as Sheffield Miniatures!

JG Miniatures Diorama Supplies for Toy Soldiers