The U.S. Army M113 APC

Price: $279.00


King & Country

The Aussie M113 was a big success and so it was only fair that K&C brought out the original U.S. Army version.
The M113 was first introduced into Vietnam in the early 1960’s where it became one of the most iconic fighting vehicles of the entire war. This model has an all-new armoured turret complete with a .50 cal. heavy machine gun as well as a pair of M60 machine guns on each side of the Carrier. 2 x all -new crew figures are also included.

FACT: Strangely enough the USMC did not have the M113 during the Vietnam conflict in its inventory... Whenever they needed them they were supplied by the U.S. Army, hence the M113 is clearly marked U.S. Army.
Also of interest... the Viet Cong and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) nicknamed it “The Green Dragon”!

To date over 80,000 M113’s in various adaptations and figurations have been manufactured and it still ‘soldiers-on’ in many armed forces around the world.

Additional figures sold separately.