The Tunnel Rat Team Set

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King & Country

This three-man set shows the team about to go into action. Still above ground the two standing ‘Grunts’ have just uncovered an entrance way to a typical underground complex. The third and most important member of the team, the ‘Tunnel Rat’ himself, is crouching down, pistol in one hand, military flashlight in the other and peering into the open entrance he is about to enter. What lies beneath…?

Many tunnels were rigged with explosives and trip wires and other ‘booby-traps’. Not only that you would often encounter all kinds of snakes… rats… and bugs of every shape and size. Those who took up this hazardous challenge were all volunteers and underwent some specialist training back in the ‘States before shipping out to Vietnam. Most tunnel rats came from the U.S. Army’s own infantry and engineer units and had to have several, very unique qualities…
First and foremost… No fear of claustrophobia.
Second, the ability to crawl through narrow, confined spaces for prolonged periods of time, often in complete darkness.
Third, be able to avoid and ignore the probable presence of bugs, all types of snakes, rodents and other assorted vermin that usually occupies these environments.
And finally, Fourth… It was essential that a ‘tunnel rat’ be physically small and compact while still being strong, agile and able enough to perform difficult tasks in very small spaces. A very tall order for a relatively short man!