Age of Rome

Marcus AureliusPraetorianThe Age of Rome lasted for over 700 years. In that time, her Legions marched the breadth of the Mediterranean Sea, and farther; carrying the standard as far as the British Isles and the Near East. First Legion's toy soldiers cover the the Imperial period of Rome, during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. During this time the enemies faced by the Legions were numerous as they were varied; Germanic tribes, Gauls, Dacians, Celts, Parthians, and more all fell before the heavy infantry of Rome.

These figures feature not only the famous Legions of Rome in their iconic Lorica Segmentata and carrying the gladius, pilum, and a heavy plywood shield, but also the adversaries they faced. The tribes of Gaul, united under the Averni chieftain Vercingetorix in full revolt against Roman rulership can be found here. Look also for the barbaric Germanic tribes, which troubled Rome to no end throughout the Imperial period.

Along with the heavy infantry legions of the Empire, First Legion has created various mounted cavalry units as well as auxiliary archer toy soldiers. The celebrated Emperors of Rome and other personalities can be found here too, and the patrician Senators. Unique to the Rome range are the 'Testudo' figures, which can be arranged to create a defensive shield formation that was the bane of opposing armies that relied on missile fire to decimate the enemy prior to lines clashing together. The Romans also used some heavier, siege-style weaponry to attack strongholds or particularly disciplined adversaries. First Legion has created some of these to accompany the soldiers of Rome, and the crews to man them. 

If you're looking to add only one or two pieces of this range to your collection, be sure to look for the dramatic multi-figure vignettes that are posed to show some really intense action!

The Glory of Rome by First Legion