CrusaderMamlukSpanning almost 400 years, the Crusades were an incredibly complex series of military conflicts with an equally complex religious motivation. Crusaders came from across Europe to take the Holy Land from the Muslims that controlled it, all in the name of the Catholic church. Their actions are lauded by some and deplored by others, but the effects of the Crusades are still being felt today.

First Legion's Crusades toy soldiers, like the Crusaders and Saracens they represent, are from across the span of both Christendom and the Levant. The excellent sculpts and deeply detailed painting that First Legion is known for are both on display in this range. Mounted figures, infantry soldiers, and even non-combat scenic pieces and figures can be found here.
The range focuses on the period of time when Acre stood alone in the Holy Land, and the Mamluk army held sway over the previously Crusader-held territory. Sultan Khalil has taken the city under siege and the final struggle is nearly at hand.

The Crescent and the Cross by First Legion