American Civil War

13th Alabama2nd Wisconsin
First Legion's American Civil War range covers that bloodiest of battlefields, Gettysburg. Three days of carnage and fighting established what would become known as 'the high water mark of the Confederacy.' It was the largest battle ever fought in the western hemisphere and marked the turning point of the war.

Collectors will find famous regiments like the 13th Alabama and the 2nd Wisconsin represented here, along with artillery and cavalry units. The commanders of both Union and Confederate forces are here as well, along with dramatic vignettes that can be displayed all on their own or as part of the larger battle.

General Meade's forces would eventually turn back General Lee's force, ending the attempt to invade the North and destroy their superior industrial capability and weary their citizenry of the war. After the three days of battle, Lee led his mean back to Virginia. Combined casualties are estimated at 50,000 soldiers.

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The War Between the States by First Legion