French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers Kneeling Defending, No.2

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W. Britain

Kneeling in defense during the age of musket was a daunting task. Soldiers formed up in ranks of two or three, and as part of the front rank, those soldiers would be kneeling. Organized thusly in long lines or perhaps squares, they would be typically defending against the cavalry charge. To be run at by a man on a horse is a scary thing. To be charged at by 100 thundering riders is terrifying. The ground under you begins to shake even before the enemy is within view. All at once they are on you, saber and lance drawn and bearing down. Horse and rider crash into your line. An unsteady few in your line finch and fall away, the rest hold fast and spit at the attackers with their ready bayonets.

1/30th Scale, Matte Finish.