French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers Standing Defending, No.2

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W. Britain

While on campaign, the Imperial Guard wore pantaloons of Imperial Blue, which were lined with white cotton. The cost was somewhat princely, about 31.47 francs in 1807. But nothing was too good for “the Immortals” and no expense was spared. However, by 1810 accounts show that overalls costing 6.50 francs a pair were being procured as a cost saving measure. Blue or white cotton trousers, surculottes or pantalon de toile, were worn in the summer and were used to cover the white parade breeches and gaiters when on maneuvers. By the end of the Empire, the blue overalls were worn in full dress. All the overalls were cut so that the bottom edge was 110 mm from the ground regardless of the soldier’s height.

1/30th Scale, Matte Finish.