Officer & Seven African Soldiers with Spears (Mafeking Black Watch)

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This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in bubble wrap and is in good condition.
There are chips on all the spears and the item in the officer's hand. One spear is snapped off as shown.

N-374 Officer & Seven African Soldiers with Spears (Mafeking Black Watch) Boer War

Nostalgia Model Miniatures, bases stamped "N 373". Lower case cursive "N".

Gloss Finish, traditional style.

"The Mafeking Black Watch were raised from the "foreign Africans" who lived in an urban location outside the European town at Mafeking. According to Sol T. Plaatje, who was in the siege of the city, they were a mixture of Zulu, Tembu, and other Transkeian tribes. According to Audrey Renew of the Mafeking Museum, "some were Zulus, some were Ama Kosas, Fingoes, etc.; but most were Tawanas." "Led by Lieutenant Mackenzie, they defended the western side of Mafeking. According to Duncan Grinnell-Milne, trench fighting the "War of Sit Down." Amongst other things they captured Jackal Tree Fort (where the Boers had Krupp big guns). They gradually extended the area they controlled, moving down the railway at night, thus extending grazing land and food supplies. Their Sergeant-Major, who was killed in action, was a Zulu, over six feet four inches tall."