The Panzerfaust Team

Price: $165.00


King & Country

The ‘Panzerfaust’ (translated as ‘tank fist’) was a family of single-shot, man-portable, anti-tank rockets that came into German service in 1943.
It consisted of a light, recoilless launcher tube with a pre-loaded, high-explosive, anti-tank warhead protruding from the muzzle, much like a ‘fist’ hence the name. It was a cheap to manufacture and easy-to-use anti-tank weapon for the ordinary infantryman being issued to single soldiers in addition to their personal weapons. Firing was done from under the arm at an upward angle as its effective range was just 30-60 metres (about 35-65 yards).
Development began in 1942 and continued until the final days of WW2.
This K&C 3-man section is each armed with their own Panzerfaust. As one kneels down and takes aim another moves forward and the third watches to see the success or failure of the first ‘shot’. All three are dressed in the ‘mixed rig’ combination of camouflage jackets, trousers and feldgrau uniforms of 12th SS at that time.