38cm R61 Auf Sturmtiger – 1001st Sturmmorser Kompanie, Bonn area, 1945

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Die Cast

This model of a WWII Sturmtiger is 7" long x 3.75" wide and can be displayed on the black plastic base (included) or not.

1:72nd scale model die-cast vehicle

The Sturmtiger was a German self-propelled rocket launcher that was produced during World War II. The beginning of its creation is dated to the turn of 1942-1943, when after the Battle of Stalingrad it became clear that the army needed an effective weapon to destroy buildings and fortifications that served to defend cities. The result was a machine that was fitted with the RW-61 missile launcher , which was originally intended for battleships as an anti-submarine weapon. Due to the weight of the ammunition, the chassis was taken from the Tiger I heavy tank. The charge was a 1.4 meter long rocket that had its own engine. This 345 kg rocket was handled by means of a mini-crane. The turret of the armor could fit 12 of these rockets in the storage areas and one rocket on the "roller" conveyor, and exceptionally one more was inserted in the barrel. Into serial productionHe received the Sturmtiger only in the spring of 1944. Its official name was " 38cm Rakettenwerfer RW 61 auf Sturmösser Tiger", "Sturmpanzer VI" .