38cm R61 Auf Sturmtiger – German Army, 1945

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Die Cast

This model of a WWII Sturmtiger is 7" long x 3.75" wide and can be displayed on the black plastic base (included) or not.

1:72nd scale model die-cast vehicle

Need a house demolished? Look no further than the German Sturmtiger! There’s nothing gentle about this vehicle also known as the 38cm RW61 auf Sturmmo"rser Tiger, for its huge 38cm mortar mounted on a robust Tiger I chassis was designed to destroy buildings and strong-points. Interestingly, the mortar fired rocket-assisted ammunition, with vents in the wall of the gun tube designed to exhaust the gases forward. The 38cm weapon had a creditable maximum range of 4,600m. The turret was replaced with a fixed casemate, and the whole vehicle weighed 65 tons.