42nd Royal Highland Regiment Grenadier Standing Alert, 1760-63

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W. Britain

England fought against France in the Seven Years War. Because the French allied themselves with the native inhabitants, in North America it was known as the French & Indian War. In 1756, the Black Watch Highlanders, now numbered 42nd, landed in North America and immediately began training for forest-fighting and marksmanship. Because their opponents were less concerned about the unwritten rules of “civilized” war, the Watch maintained a constant vigil. This soldier has his Brown Bess musket almost level with the hammer at half-cock. An ambush attack from the cover of thick woods was the preferred method of engagement by a stealthy enemy and a constant threat.

These 42nd Highlanders are representative of soldiers as they would have appeared in Colonial North America from 1759-1763. They are a great addition to many conflicts from 1750s-1790s.