Winter Rifle Section

Price: $129.00


King & Country

This 3-man section is carrying probably the finest infantry rifle of WW2. The M1 ‘Garand’, the .30-06 calibre, semi automatic weapon that was the standard US Army service rifle of WW2. This weapon was so good that it also saw service in Korea (1950-53) and even limited service during the early part of the Vietnam War with the South Vietnamese Army.
When the rest of the WW2 participants were using bolt-action rifles the GI’s had the advantage of being able to fire off an eight round clip in quick succession without having to move their hands on the rifle and disrupt their firing position and point-of-aim. The M1 ‘Garand’ was also designed for simple assembly and disassembly and could be ‘field-stripped’ in just a few seconds.
Strong, sturdy and reliable it was the GI’s best friend in all weathers and conditions.

Tank and additional figures sold separately.