Portuguese Volunteers, "Viriatos" Parading, 1936

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Portuguese Volunteers, "Viriatos" Parading

After the military uprising against the Popular Front government, Portugal could not remain indifferent because of the considerable length of its border and the risk of internationalization of the conflict. The government of Professor Oliveira Salazar, although he did not hide his sympathy for the rebellious side, had his hands tied by the League of Nations and the Commission of Non Intervention in the Spanish War (CNIGE) to which the 13 had adhered. From the first weeks of the war, many Portuguese people showed up in Spain; On the national side they joined the Legion or Militia units (Requeté and Falange) while those who joined the government, did so by joining the International Brigades. Portuguese volunteers were soon known as "Viriatos" in the Nationalist Spain, in memory of the Lusitanian warrior of the 2nd century BC. that opposed great resistance to the Roman occupation. It is estimated that about 8,000 Portuguese volunteers were integrated into the National side, of which approximately 850 were in the Legion.

Gloss Finish, 54mm