Imperial Roman Legionary with Gladius - Legio II Augusta

Price: $62.95


First Legion

The backbone of the Roman Empire was certainly her Legions. For this initial release of Imperial Romans, First Legion had presented Legio I Minerva and Legio VI Victrix. Due to the success and rapid sellout of these figures, they are now following them up with Legio I Adiutrix.
The new legion features white tunics and skirts and the classic “wreathe” shield design. Legio I Adiutrix was formed in 68 AD and took part in a variety of battles and campaigns including Germanic/Marcomannic Wars under Marcus Aurelius, the final battle of which was featured in the opening of the film "Gladiator." So they are a wonderful complement to Minerva and Victrix and allow for dioramas to now feature multiple legions each with a unique look deployed side by side. The release of this new legion also provides an opportunity for collectors who didn't collect the range from the beginning to pickup these figures which are central to the range.