Caesarian Roman Aquilifer

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First Legion

First Legion is pleased to present Caesar's 10th Roman Legion at the Battle of Alesia! The 10th Roman Legion, made famous in Caesar's commentaries, was personally levied by Caesar himself and as such was his most trusted Legion. They chose the Bull as their emblem and were known as Equestris because at one point Caesar had mounted them on the horses of allied Gallic cavalry as an escort to a peace conference with the German King Ariovistus. The 10th played a crucial part in Caesar's Gallic Campaigns, fighting in nearly every major engagement.

The 10th Legion is presented here in battle formation heavily engaged with the enemy; possibly during on open field battle or even manning the Alesia siegeworks. Julius Caesar, their general, commands their absolutely loyalty!

The Aquilifer was the senior signifier of the Legion and carried the Eagle or 'Aquila' standard, the most important possession of the Legion.