Prussian 7th Line Infantry Regiment Musketeer Marching

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First Legion

The set piece battle evolved as muskets became the standard infantry weapon. Due to their inaccuracy, massed fire was the most effective way of ensuring hits on enemy targets. This hand painted metal figure is perfect for adding to your advancing line formation.
The Seven Years' War involved most of the major world powers of the 18th century and was fought not only in Europe, but throughout various colonial holdings around the world. First Legion>/b> starts off with the Battle of Kunersdorf fought on August 12th 1759 between the Prussians and a combined Austro-Russian Army.

It was a battle that Frederick the Great won in the morning, but lost in the afternoon as he continued to press the attack despite the protests of his generals. The Prussians struggled through poor terrain, against strong allied positions, and in extremely hot weather. When the Austro-Russian force counterattacked the Prussian army came apart, virtually dissolving.