Prussian 7th Line Infantry Regiment Musketeer Falling Shot

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First Legion

The line formation was essential for effective massed volley fire, but also made a large target for opposing lines. This musketeer has been hit by incoming enemy fire.
The Seven Years' War, from 1756 through 1763, dragged in most of the major world powers of the time. The battles raged not only in Europe, but throughout various colonial holdings around the world. First Legion is going to produce high quality hand painted military miniatures for the European part of the conflict in detail. They begin with the Battle of Kunersdorf, fought on August 12th, 1759.

Kunersdorf was a fiasco for the Prussian Military, the largest until their dismemberment at the hands of Napoleon's Grande Armee in 1806. It was also a singular defeat for Frederick the Great, who was certainly the finest military mind of the age. Kunersdorf features a variety of troops, attacks, counterattacks, and cavalry charges by both sides. The Prussians contended with poor terrain, strong allied positions, and extremely hot weather. Frederick's attacks finally ground to a halt. A combination of fierce resistance, thirst, and exhaustion of the Prussian troops caused the Austro-Russian force counterattack to virtually dissolve Frederick's army.