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Michael Gnatek (1934 - 2006) has long been recognized as the premier painter of portrait of art, prints and posters, both of American military and western figures. His range of subject matter is remarkably diverse from strongly confident poses of Patton, Stuart, Lee, Jackson and a young Confederate Standard-Bearer to the quiet tranquility of Sitting Bull, an Indian Sundancer, a solitary mountain man and a demure Crow maiden.

Rick Reeves (1959 - ) combines exquisite detail with incredible authenticity as one of the country’s leading historical artists. Rick was initially recognized as an American Civil War Artist, but has since expanded into the genre of historical art, portraiture, landscape and still life. He was influenced by the artwork of a number of different artists. This influence included the 15th century Northern European artist Van Der Weyden and the Van Eycks, the Pre-Raphaelites, and the 19th century American artists such as Eastman Johnson, Frederic Remington, Winslow Homer, A.B. Frost and Henry Farney. But it was the Brandywine school of Howard Pyle that led Rick into the arts as a career.

Robert Windsor Wilson taught himself to paint with oil on canvas. Over the next 50 years he recorded the History of America with incredible attention to detail, accuracy and realism. Many of Robert’s works are monumental in size and adorn the walls of government buildings, military parks, state parks, colleges, churches, and historical museums in the United States. He continues to paint at age 96 in Woodruff, South Carolina.