The Romans Page 2

        King & Country have selected to portray the XX Legion (the 20th Legion) VALERIA VICTRIX(Victorious Valeria) of the Imperial Roman Army in the First Century AD in their return to the Age of Rome.

        Originally founded by the Emperor Augustus in 31 BC it fought in Hispania (Spain) from 25-19 BC.

        In approx AD9 it marched into Germania to help keep the peace and remained on garrison duty there before joining three other Legions in invading Britain in AD43 under the command of the Emperor Claudius.

        It fought and campaigned all over Britain and into the wilds of Caledonia (Scotland) and even helped build the forts and defenses known as “Hadrian’s Wall” to help keep the barbaric Picts and Celts out of Romanized Britannia.

        Its symbol was the wild running boar which was featured on shields, banners and other items belonging to the Legion.