Irish Zouaves of Company New York K - 69th New York

Price: $85.00



This is a Consignment sale set  we are offering. It comes in its original box and is in like-new condition.

Irish Zouaves of Company K - 69th New York is a hand-painted pewter limited edition set based on the famous Don Troiani painting "Irish Zouaves of Company K - 69th New York"
There are only 750 sets being issued (No Certificate).

All sets are signed by the artist himself and numbered. The 1/32 scale or 54mm figures are freestanding on their own bases and can be removed from the terrain base to be displayed individually or with other figures. The sculpting was done by master Ken Osen working closely with Mr. Troiani. The quality of workmanship and historical accuracy is of the same high standards you have come to expect from Don Troiani paintings.