German Landsknecht with Pike

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First Legion

During the 14th-17th Centuries there was resurgence in art, science, exploration, and literature. Following the fall of Rome and the Middle Ages, humanity experienced a Renaissance. The great European powers competed for dominance of the continent and their militaries warred with each other as well. The use of gunpowder and cannon was now part of warfare, alongside heavy cavalry and foot soldiers. It is referred to as the "Age of Pike and Shot" by enthusiasts as the pike and musket were the most common armaments.

First Legion will add high quality hand painted military miniatures to the Renaissance range, covering more of the fascinating history therein. The REN figure range begins with the Battle of Pavia in 1525. It was the decisive conflict of the Italian Wars between France and the Spanish Empire, and ensured Habsburg rule of the Italian States for the following two centuries. REN001-REN030 depict the German mercenaries, called Landsknechts, that fought for both sides. Pike square formations were also used by Swiss mercs, and these figures could stand in for them as well. Landsknechts and Swiss pikemen clashed throughout the Italian Wars.

This mercenary figure holds his pike at “charge” though lower than usual.  He could be part of an engaged formation, as perfect form often dissolved in the tumult of combat.