U.S. Marine Rifleman, WWI 1917-18

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W. Britain

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Foremost in the Marine Corps’ small arms arsenal of WWI was the .30-06 chambered Model of 1903 Springfield rifle. The M1895 Winchester Lee Navy and M1898 Krag-Jørgensen used by the U.S. military were deemed inadequate when up against Spanish Mausers in Cuba and the Marines made the upgrade to the new M1903 as early as 1908. Within a short period of time, Marines were winning interservice matches with the rifle which began an almost cultlike reverence for the ’03 Springfield. Some accounts claim that Marines began accurately engaging German soldiers at ranges of up to 800 yards. As a famous Marine Corps chronicler, Col. John W. Thomason, stated, “…the Germans were given a new experience: rifle-fire that begins to kill at 800 yards; they found it very interesting.”

1/30 Scale