"Preparing for Action, No.2" Two Members of a German 88 Flak Gun

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W. Britain

Many variations of shipping containers for 8.8cm fixed rounds for the Flak 18 and 36/37 were made during WWII. These ranged from wooden or cylindrical steel containers for single shells, to wooden containers for up to three complete rounds – the most iconic being the wicker-type, three-round container. It was constructed of lightweight wicker with wooden corners. A stamped steel bottom and top lid was held in place with a leather strap which allowed access to the shells. When opened, the base of the shells were exposed. Round rubber stops at the bottom of the container protected the fuzes from jarring. Paper labels printed in black ink with the identification of the type of rounds and other information were applied to the lid. Additional labels, often printed with red lettering, could further identify special characteristics such as tropical use.