Trooper, Spanish Guard de Corps, 1801

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This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in its original plastic packaging and is in good condition that we can see.
There may be some paint rubs under the 'ties' that hold it in place or separation at seams as is typical of Del Prado figures.

Del Prado's Napoleonic Cavalry SNC052 Trooper, Spanish Guard de Corps, 1801

The Spanish army was transformed during the 18th century by an influx of progressive officers who modernised and expanded it. The modern army was closely modelled on the French armies of Louis XIV and Louis XV in tactical doctrine, organisation, armament and uniforms. Following the Seven Years War, Prussian-style drill and discipline were introduced, but were resisted more strongly than in other armies by Spanish soldiers. Spanish regiments were nevertheless well behaved, filled with generally good-humoured men toughened by the hardships of a soldiers life. In battle, they were often brave to the point of carelessness, and were thus sometimes difficult to control. The army also had several Swiss and Walloon regiments, less given to all-out attacks, but renowned for their steadiness under fire.