Zulu Swinging Knobkerrie

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W. Britain

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The knobkerrie, or iwisa club, was a significant weapon to the Zulu warrior and as simple as it seems, it required extra practice and strength to wield effectively. The club is, after all, an uncomplicated weapon, but the iwisa actually required expert craftsmanship to create. Made from a specific tree, olea capensis, the so-called ironwood tree – the world’s heaviest and hardest wood – the real secret was in the finish. The tree’s sap was applied to the freshly carved stick acting as a glue, ensuring durability as well as heft, and with a surprisingly beautiful varnished finish. Usually the sap would dry after one or two months, but at times would take up to a year to set. Once cured, the stick would become a deadly knobkerrie.

1/30th Scale, Matte Finish