Crazy Horse

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Crazy Horse (c. 1840-September 5th 1877) was a Lakota Sioux war leader of the Oglala band. He took up arms against the United States federal government to fight against the encroachment by the American settlers on Native American territory and to preserve the traditional way of life of the Lakota people. His participation in several famous battles of the Black Hills War, earned him great respect from both his enemies and his own people.

In September 1877, four months after surrendering to US troops under George Crook, Crazy Horse was fatally wounded by a bayonet wielding military guard while allegedly resisting imprisonment at Camp Robinson in present day Nebraska.
He ranks among the most notable and iconic of Native American warriors and was honoured by the US Postal Service in 1982, with a 13c Great Americans Series Postage Stamp.

The Cheyenne named, the more commonly known The Battle Of The Rosebud, The Battle Where The Girl Saved Her Brother. This was because of an incident during the fight involving the Cheyenne woman Buffalo Calf Road Woman, and her brother Chief Comes In Sight.
The battle took place on June 17th 1876 in the Montana territory , between the United States Army and its Crow and Shoshoni allies, against a force consisting mostly of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians.
Led by Crazy Horse, the Sioux and Cheyenne managed to halt the offensive of General George Crook, untill August.