US 3rd New Jersey NCO

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First Legion

Commanded by Col. Elias Dayton, the newly formed 3rd New Jersey Regiment was mustered into the Continental Army on May 2, 1776. It was reviewed in New York City by Generals Washington, Putnam, Sullivan, and Greene and the regiment’s Capt. Joseph Bloomfield noted in his personal journal that the generals claimed they were the “compleatest and best regiment in the Continental service”. Bloomfield’s 2nd lieutenant, Ebenezer Elmer noted that “Gen Washington made bold to say we were the flower of all the North American Forces”. The regiment would see distinguished action at the Battle of Valcour Island, New York Campaign, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth, Sullivan Expedition, and the Battle of Springfield. The regiment was disbanded, on January 1, 1781, at Pompton, New Jersey.