Bluejacket Kneeling Firing Rifle

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The M1903 Springfield Rifle was an American five-round, magazine-fed, bolt-action rifle used primarily in the first half of the 20th Century.
All of these ‘bluejackets’ are wearing web belt order complete with 10 x ammunition pouches, a water canteen and a sheathed bayonet in addition to long web gaiters.

World War II U.S. Navy uniforms have a unique lineage that dates all the way back to the War of Independence.
All the uniform details such as bell-bottom trousers, neckerchiefs and sailors collars all evolved from decorative or functional items of past naval uniforms and modes of dress.
This means that when certain uniform features become several generations old, they often become ‘traditions’. It is these traditions that still inspire pride in every sailor who wears the uniform of the United States Navy.
One tradition that began in the mid 19th Century and lasted well into the 20th Century was the term of referring to sailors as ‘bluejackets’. This came about from the introduction of the regulation navy-blue jumpers, bell-bottoms and caps for all enlisted seamen.
Eventually the navy blue uniform would become cold weather wear and part of the full dress parade uniform.