Confederate Flagbearer, 5th Texas Flag - Texas Brigade

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W. Britain

When the torn and bullet riddled silk flag of the 5th Texas was retired, a replacement made of wool was made by Mrs. Matilda “Maude” Jane Fuller Young, a Houston botanist and school principal whose son, Samuel Oliver Young, Jr., had enlisted in Co. A of the regiment. A dark blue streamer was attached to the staff, bearing the Latin motto “Vivere Sat Vincere,” or “To conquer is to live enough” on one side and “5th REG VOL” along with a star with the letters of TEXAS between each point on the other side. It was delivered to the regiment on 14 June 1862 by new recruits on their way from Texas; it then served as the regimental colors two weeks later at the Battle of Gaines Mill. The flag was sent away to be decorated with battle honors (“Elthams Landing,” “Gaines Farm,” and “Malvern Hill”) after the Peninsula Campaign and Seven Days battles, and the regiment carried their earlier Lone Star flag at Second Manassas and Antietam. After that flag was sent back to Texas in October 1862, the regiment chose to use Mrs. Young’s flag throughout the rest of the war.

Backdrop, fence and diorama grass base sold separately.