Confederate Flagbearer, 3rd Arkansas Flag, Texas Brigade

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W. Britain

The regiment was assembled at Lynchburg, Virginia in June of 1861 and initially served with “Stonewall” Jackson. In November, 1862 the regiment was assigned to Brigadier General John Gregg as part of the Texas Brigade. The Confederate War Department had determined that the troops would benefit from being brigaded with regiments from their home states. At this time, the standard brigade organization consisted of four regiments. There were three Texas regiments in the Army: the 1st, 4th, and 5th and only one Arkansas regiment. It was therefore decided to group these four western regiments together. Reputedly the regiment’s woolen flag was made by the ladies of Fredericksburg, Virginia and presented to the 3rd Arkansas Infantry regiment in gratitude for the kindness shown to the citizens of that town. This is supported by the fact that the flag varies in size slightly from normal Richmond Depot flags which were normally 48" square, and the unit citation inthe center obscures the position of the thirteenth star that was normally present on the second and third wool bunting issues. The flag was continuously carried by the regiment until the Confederate surrender in 1865.

Backdrop, fence and diorama grass base sold separately.