"A Clear Shot" Native Warrior Firing From Summer Tree

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W. Britain

Warfare in North America was very different than war in Europe, and soldiers trained in conventional tactics could not effectively perform in the dense forests that covered much of the contested areas of North America during the 18th century. There was also the disadvantage of conducting operations in territory well known to the Native people defending it. Hit and run tactics and ambushes were common, even along known military roads. Native warriors were perfectly at home in the forest – every thicket and hill offered a place from which an attack could be sprung, and in some cases well aimed shots could be made from the trees themselves. Here a Native marksman waits patiently for a noisy column of European infantry to come into view.

Backdrop and diorama grass base sold separately. Figure is pegged and not attached to the tree. You have to set him in place along with the leafy branches that are pegged.