"Give ’Em Canister!" Confederate 12 Pound Napoleon and Crew

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W. Britain

5 piece set.

Canister is an anti-personnel, light artillery load that turned the cannon into an enormous shotgun. Canister was just that, a metal can which contained many small iron round-shot or lead musket balls. When fired, the can disintegrated scattering the shot throughout the enemy personnel. Another round, “grapeshot” was similar, but with the shot being of a larger caliber and contained in a canvas bag. It acquired its moniker from its resemblance to a cluster of grapes on the vine contained in the bag. Effective at medium to close range, these munitions were mostly used defensively, but found limited use as an opening gambit to soften up enemy formations.

The American Civil War was fought from 1861 - 1865. It was perhaps one of the most defining and tragic chapters in American history pitting family and friends against one another. It was also known as one of the first ‘modern wars’ with a grim preview of what was to come in future conflicts, well documented in both text and imagery.