US Army Bob

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King & Country

This figure wears the standard US Army Field Shirt adorned with oversized full color patches of the Air Cavalry and the MACV (Military Assistance Command Vietnam). On his head ‘Bob’ wears a navy blue ballcap with a Green Berets cap badge. On the back of both field shirts are a list of just some of the typical venues around South Vietnam where the shows were staged. Equipped with both a Microphone and a Golf Club, he is ready for anything!

From 1964 to 1972, one of the few constants of the conflict and one of the most eagerly anticipated was the yearly visit by one of America’s most popular comedians... Mr. Bob Hope.
Beginning in WW2 this great entertainer logged millions of miles flying around the globe with his hand-picked tame of singers, dancers and musicians to put on shows for the US Military on airfields, aircraft carriers, army camps, hospitals and dozens of other locations wherever GIs were stationed.

As the numbers of US Military in South Vietnam grew each year so too did the length of each ‘Christmas Show’ and the venues expand.
K&C are releasing 2 versions of this great American comedian as he might have appeared during his 1967/’68 tours.