German Winter NCO Directing MG Fire

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First Legion

Of all of the theaters of WWII, none quite portray the sheer scale and horror in quite the way the Eastern Front does. Further, of the countless battles on the eastern front, none serve to capture the imagination like the Battle of Stalingrad.
Fought over a six month period of near constant fighting, it was certainly amongst the largest and fiercest battles of the entire war and served as a turning point and the end of the myth of invincibility of the German Wehrmacht.

This range shows how the Germans would have looked specificially at the Battle of Stalingrad and even more specifically at the time of the year and the part of the battle that we have focused on - primarily the fighting in the city itself with an emphasis on the factory district in October and November.
As such, you'll note that some figures are wearing gloves and scarves, many have ripped uniforms, some have their assault packs on while others don't, some are wearing various bits of camouflage which was at this time only beginning to enter broader usage in the Wehrmacht, and First Legion is putting a special emphasis on, and including coverage of the specialist Pioneer Battalions flown into the city in support of Operation Hubertus. This is the result of meticulous research, and these figures can certainly pull duty in many other locations on the Eastern Front and even Western Front, that they capture the "feel" and look uniquely "Stalingrad."