German Landsknecht with Pike - Damaged

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First Legion

This is a Damaged REN006 German Landsknecht with Pike by First Legion.

The pike is snapped in 2 places as shown, both pieces included in box. Comes in original box.

The 14th-17th Centuries are historically known as the Renaissance. During this time there was resurgence in art, science, exploration, and literature. The Renaissance wasn’t all strides forward, as the great European powers vied for dominance of the continent and their militaries came into conflict. The use of gunpowder and cannon became commonplace, alongside heavy cavalry and foot soldiers. As such, it is typically referred to as the "Age of Pike and Shot" as the pike and musket were the most common weapon in army formations.

 The mercenary seen here holds his pike at “port” to avoid injuring the front rank of a pike square.