Mongol Warrior Shooting Arrow Backwards

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Team Miniatures

The Mongol Warriors under the rule of the mighty Genghis Khan were a huge army of fearsome fighters that grew up knowing only war and violence. The power and fortitude of these mighty warriors allowed the Mongols to control one of the largest empires ever known, such was the battle skill and military might of the Mongolian warriors. Military service was a way of life for all men over the age of 15 in this nomadic empire. From that age and likely to death, you were a Mongol warrior.
Mongol warriors employed many tactics when it came to war. Fighting was never a simple exhibition of force, it was a paced, evaluated and considered option. The Mongols would fight using formations, proven battle tactics and were comfortable with a bow. If no bow was to hand, then the Mongol warriors was more than comfortable and highly capable using a sabre or a spear to fell their foe.