RNI Petty Officer Attacking

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King & Country

This senior Naval NCO urges his men forward with his PPSH41 by his side.

These Naval Infantry figures are in ‘Assault Mode’ and carry an assortment of typical Soviet WW2 weapons and equipment.

Russia’s Naval Infantry has a long and varied history... The first force of ‘Sea Soldiers’ was formed in 1705 and since that time it has fought in the Napoleonic Wars... the Crimean War... the Russo-Japanese War and the 1st and 2nd World Wars.
Of all these wars and campaigns the most important was WW2 and the Naval Infantry took part in the heroic defense of Odessa, Moscow, Leningrad, Sevastopol and, of course, Stalingrad. During that war over 350,000 Soviet sailors served in the Naval Infantry and they were a familiar sight on many battlefields especially in their blue and white striped jerseys, blue ‘P’ jackets and sailor caps.
During the summer months they would often wear their off-white drill trousers tucked into the typical Russian jackboots.