Italian Bersaglieri Flagbearer

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Initially, Italy's troops, during the preparation, only sent reconnaissance sailors from their cruiser squadron in China. A small volunteer contingent was formed in Italy and sent to China after hostilities had begun.
The Bersaglieri left Italy for China in the summer of 1900 and arrived at Dagu port on the 29th of August, which actually meant that they had no direct mission or opportunity to fight during the occupation. In addition to the Bersaglieri, the 24th Line Regiment, some volunteers from the Alpini and a battery of machine guns were also sent to China. Some engineers accompanied the small expeditionary corps, and a battery of field guns was supplied by the Italian fleet.
They took their dress blue uniform and khaki field service uniform. The khaki uniforms did not stand up well to the campaigning and, by the winter of 1900-1901, most of the men were wearing their warmer blue uniforms. The light khaki uniform was simple and lacked decorations and insignia except for white metal stars on the front corners of the collar. The white tropical service helmet had a khaki cover, but it was not always worn. A bunch of black-green cock feathers, the symbol of the Bersaglieri, was worn through a hole in the khaki cover.
Their white helmet had a large national cockade in red-white-green with the brass helmet plate superimposed. The badge consisted of crossed rifles, bugle and flaming grenade with a cut-out number ‘5’ on the grenade. All leather equipment was black. The men were armed with the 1891 6.5mm Parravicino-Carcano rifle and bayonet.